About the Authors

Ingeman Arbnor

Ingeman Arbnor was born in 1949 and is a real combination of an entrepreneurial actor in the fields of business, business theory, methodology, and theory of science. Early in the 1970s he started Sweden's first version of the Yellow Pages.
    At an age of 26 he became Doctor of Philosophy and three years later he was professor in Business Methodology. He has started several business operations and founded the Academy of Knowledge in Sweden. Since 1990 he has been a member of the expert group to the Swedish Association of Graduates in Business Administration and Economics.
    He has published fourteen books on various topics in Business, Management and Theory of Science. In 1998 Arbnor received a prize from the hands of His Royal Highness the King of Sweden for having developed and carried through the best tertiary level educational programme of Entrepreneurship in Sweden.
    Arbnor is now working as a consultant since a couple of years for some world leading multinationals on R&D matters and for some entrepreneurial smaller domestic corporations with unique patents. See also Arbnor.se

Björn Bjerke

Björn Bjerke was born in 1941 and has throughout his working life been attached to the academia, but also acting as an entrepreneur. He started the first Business School in Maiduguri in Nigeria in the 1970s and the first International Business School at University of Waikato in New Zealand in the 1980s, in both cases heading those schools.
    Throughout his life he has always taken on new challenges. At the age of 38 he became the holder of the foundation professorial chair at his old university in Lund in Sweden. He resigned five years later and was working as visiting professor at three different universities in Asia and Oceania, for a period of fifteen years. He returned to Sweden in 1999 and is, at present, Professor of Entrepreneurship at School of Business, Stockholm University and Visiting Professor at University College in Kalmar.
    Bjerke has published twelve books. One is the first comprehensive book on Entrepreneurship in Swedish which was published in 1989 where very few academicians knew about the topic and got a Book of the Year Award for that, and he wrote the first text book in Entrepreneurship in Swedish in 2005. Outside the academia, he has started four companies of his own, one of them with 400 employees.
    Bjerke has truly lived according to his own statement: "I do not want, one day being old, to sit down and ask myself what would have happened if I did it. I actually did it!"