About the 3rd edition

Praise for the Second Edition: "This book provides a clear and concise treatment of the history and theory of scientific research... recommended for research students in business and social sciences and as a supporting text for a course on research methodology."
- Business Line

Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge is a unique book in combining business, methodology and philosophy of science. With a variety of practical cases from business research/consultation it becomes an utmost pedagogical skill in teaching the methodology in business education.

"Arbnor and Bjerke’s deep insight into theory construction and their honest appraisal of knowledge creation makes this edition absolutely essential for business scholars. I recommend this book to scholars in any area of business seeking a more thoughtful and useful understanding of research methodology."

- Morgan Miles, Professor of Marketing, Georgia Southern University

"These are two authors on top of their game, using their vast experience and depth of knowledge to present a complex topic in a framework which is understandable and usable by anyone doing academic research. This third edition will ensure that this book remains the essential read for social science researchers."

- David Carson, Professor of Marketing, University of Ulster

The book is relevant for a number of central subjects in this area. The following themes are particularly relevant using the book as a central knowledge creating assistant:

  • Research in Business and Management
  • Thesis Proposal Writing – Dissertation Guiding
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Creating Knowledge
  • Information Collection and Analysis for Competitive and Business Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance and Assessing of the Business Knowledge Creating Capital
  • Theory of Science and Research Methodology and Methods

The book is an encyclopedia as well as a textbook in all sorts of learning in business and management in relation to issues of methodology and theory of science, that is, a central book where creating knowledge is an important production factor.

The pedagogical design of the Book

The third edition has got a utterly refined pedagogical, linguistic and stringent structure with a couple of new chapters which are further reinforcing its unique profile of in the same book combining and illustrating theory of science/methodological issues as well as practical/empirical ones. Every chapter is finishing with a ”Points of reflection”, where a number of questions are given to the reader. The idea is to deepen the interactivity of the book. The reader is also offered to visit this website which has been opened for the sake of the book alone. In all, there are 160 such questions for the student to answer. To the instructor there is an extensive Teacher’s Manual available on this website with suggested answers to these questions as the authors see them.