Contents of the book in brief

(parts and chapter headings only)

Part I
Introduction to Research Methodology
Part IV
Approaching Methodology
Chapter 1
The Language of Methodology

Chapter 2
The Act of Creating Knowledge

Chapter 3
To Become a Knowledge Creator
Chapter 10
The Analytical Approach

Chapter 11
The Systems Approach

Chapter 12
The Actors Approach
Part II
Three Methodological Views
Part V
Methodology of Complementarity
Chapter 4
The Analytical View

Chapter 5
The Systems View

Chapter 6
The Actors View
Chapter 13
The Views as Transformative Operators

Chapter 14
- Three Cases -
Knowledge of Complementary

Chapter 15
Methodology as Business Creating Intelligence
Part III
Chapter 7
Methodical Procedures

Chapter 8
Methods in Language and Action

Chapter 9